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Benchmarking - 2021


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Selection Race Result

Selection Race Result -  2021




Appeal Mechanism



Appeals regarding selection to represent Hong Kong, China at the Elite level in international races under the jurisdiction of TriHK should be made in accordance with the following escalating process:
1. Raise the matter within 3 days of announcement with the Selection Committee in writing.
2. Selection Committee shall pass the matter to the Executive Committee.
3. The Executive Committee shall respond within 3 days and the decision shall be final.



Appeal Mechanism


July 2020 -

Guideline for Selection to upcoming Asian Beach Game


In view of the renewed Prohibition of Gathering to 4 persons from 15 July 2020, the original Selection Race is being cancelled and will be replaced by Selection Trials separated in groups. 


1.          There will be 5 trial groups of a maximum of 4 athletes each. The start time of each group will be separated by 20 minutes.

2.          Athletes are to gather at the BBQ area with members in their trial groups only. Each group member must have a minimum distance of 1.5m among its members and 3m from other trial groups. 

3.          All athletes must wear face masks at all times until the start of trial at the pier. Please prepare an additional mask to be used after the trial. 

4.          A TriHK staff will announce the group’s number to get to the pier start. Only the 4 athletes of the group will be allowed to approach the start area.

5.          Upon finish of the trial, athletes must leave the premise immediately.


Your safety and observation of the law are of our top priorities. 

Please always exercise vigilance.


Any non-compliance will result in immediate disqualification.



1. Elite Men

2. Elite Women 

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