Race Schedule

The Hong Kong Triathlon Association organizes Duathlon, Aquathon and Triathlon races throughout the year. Tri HK also sanctions races so as to promote multi-sports in Hong Kong. If you are interested to have your event sanctioned by us or have your events posted on our web site, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that many of the dates and venues are tentative. All events are subject to change.

2021 Aquathlon Series - Race 4 - 5 Dec 2021 &

Race Type Location Entry Deadline Results Link
Aquathon Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Swimming Pool 26 Nov 2021 Race Full Race Results
Race Type
Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Swimming Pool
Entry Deadline
26 Nov 2021
Race Full
Results Link

Race Information

Registration start at 25 October 2021 (Mon), 12:00noon.


Precautionary measures related to COVID-19  新冠病毒相關的預防措施

All participants (including triathletes and supporting staff) must conduct the COVID-19 testing. (Except for those who have taken 2 doses of COVID – 19 vaccines and provided valid proof.)

所有參加者(包括運動員及工作人員) 必需須進行COVID-19測試。(已接種兩針新冠疫苗的運動員及工作人員可豁免檢測,但須提供有效疫苗接種記錄。)


All participants must provide validated COVID 19 negative test results that sample was taken within 48 hours prior to the start of the race. If participant cannot provide their test result, they will be disqualified and no refund will be provided.



Only accept COVID 19 test result by Government recognised parties (Community Testing Centres(CTCs), hospital, mobile specimen collection stations, recognised local institutions , private testing laboratories or returning deep throat saliva (DTS) specimen collection pack), do not accept self rapid test result.

只接受於政府轄下認可機構之新冠病毒檢測結果 (社區檢測中心、流動採樣站、認可本地醫療檢測機構、私營化驗所或交回深喉唾液測試樣本收集包),恕不接受自行快速測試結果。


*建議預約社區檢測中心 https://www.communitytest.gov.hk/zh-HK/

*It is recommended to make an appointment to the community testing center https://www.communitytest.gov.hk/zh-HK/


游泳比賽部分將會於12月5日在中山紀念公園游泳池舉行,而跑步比賽部分將以虛擬跑形式進行,參加者需要在12月5日(上午9時正)至12月13日(下午1時正) 期間完成跑步並上載跑步成績及相片到大會指定網站,比賽成績將會以合併時間計算。

The swimming section will be held in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Swimming Pool on 5th December, and the running section will be held with the Virtual Run method. Participants to complete their running and upload their results and photos to the website stated between 9 am of 5th December to 1 pm of 13th December. The final result will be calculated with the combine of two sections.

參加者於虛擬跑部分需配帶智能手錶並可使用免費應用程式 STRAVA或其他應用程式記錄跑步完成時間及距離。

Running result:
Participants are required to wear a smartwatch and use an application that can record running time and distance (e.g. Strava) for the virtual run section

*Only members of Hong Kong Triathlon Association are allowed to participate.