Race Schedule

The Hong Kong Triathlon Association organizes Duathlon, Aquathon and Triathlon races throughout the year. Tri HK also sanctions races so as to promote multi-sports in Hong Kong. If you are interested to have your event sanctioned by us or have your events posted on our web site, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that many of the dates and venues are tentative. All events are subject to change.

2022 TriKids Duathlon Series - Race 1 - 19 Jun 2022 &

Race Type Location Entry Deadline Registration Link
Duathlon Po Kong Village Road Park (Cycling Park) 13 Jun 2022 Register
Race Type
Po Kong Village Road Park (Cycling Park)
Entry Deadline
13 Jun 2022
Registration Link

Race Information

Race Date:      Sunday, 19 June 2022

Race Venue:    Po Kong Village Road Park (Cycling Park)

Race Start:      7:00am By Wave

Quota:            200 (Members Only & First-come, First-serve)


The race will be full physical race, no virtual race will be used, the running part will be done at running track while the cycling part will be done at cyclying park.


Discovery Distance 體驗距離 (Run 1.3km/ Bike 8km/ Run 1.3km)

Boys 2007

男子 2007

Girls 2007

女子 2007

Boys 2008

男子 2008

Girls 2008

女子 2008

Boys 2009

男子 2009

Girls 2009

女子 2009

Boys 2010

男子 2010

Girls 2010

女子 2010

TriKids Distance 小鐵人距離 (Run 650m/ Bike 4km/ Run 650m)

Boys 2011

男子 2011

Girls 2011

女子 2011

Boys 2012

男子 2012

Girls 2012

女子 2012

Boys 2013

男子 2013

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女子 2013

Boys 2014

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*Only members of Hong Kong Triathlon Association are allowed to participate.