Regional Squad Profile

The Regional Squad training program (RS) is a stepping-stone for candidates towards eventual promotion to the National Squad. Upon selection into this RS after passing the Regional Squad Qualifying Times, a period of intensive regular training will be provided for these junior athletes. Regional Squad members are entitled to certain benefit and obligation. Athletes who perform well will have an opportunity to get promoted to the National Squad.



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Should you have questions on Regional Squad Training programme, Please feel free to call us at 2504 8282


Name   Affiliated Club
Au-Yeung Nathan Siu Wo Male 16 & above The Little Dolphin Swimming Training Center
Yau Chi Him Ryan Male 15  
Shum Yan Tao Male 15  
Wu Chun Ming Marcus Male 15  
Lau Hong Nam Male 13 Alpha Zone Sports
Shum Mathis Hin Lun Male 13  
Chan Tsz Long Male 12 Energetic Triathlon Shatin
Au Cheuk Nam Janko Male 11 Energetic Triathlon Shatin
Choi Yui Hang Male 11  
Tsui Yuen Ying Max Male 11  
Ting Chun Ching Male 11 Sparkle Triathlon



Name   Affiliated Club
Tang Hiu Tung Female 16 & above -
Yeung Hiu Yau Female 11 -
Chung Cin Yee Cydnee Female 10 Sparkle Triathlon



Regional Squad Obligation

The Regional Squad (RS) is the echelon after the Hong Kong Development Squad. All RS members must be members of Hong Kong Triathlon Association. The purpose of the RS is to provide more systematic triathlon training for young athletes with potential. If RS members display outstanding performance and meet the requirements of the local or overseas competitions, they will be invited to join the Hong Kong team members and represent Hong Kong.


Training Arrangements

Regional Squad regular training is as follows: 2 -3 sessions on weekdays and 2-3 sessions on weekends.  Detail training schedule will be announced through email and TriHK website. Apart from members’ regular training from their own swimming clubs or TriHK affiliated clubs, members could join the Swimming Training held by the TriHK in order to raise and strengthen members’ swimming technique and level. The Swimming Training are provided and instructed by experienced coaches from TriHK. RS members are exempted from the related training fee. Due to the limited quota, priority will be listed by the nomination from coach.


Additional Training

During school holidays, e.g. Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter and Summer Vacation; there will be 2 to 3 days additional weekday training or training camp offering to RS members. Pre-race familiarization training will be taken part before the race, in order to let members, familiarize with the route and gain excellent results in competitions.


Training Attendance

RS members are expected to attend RS training sessions organized by TriHK and attaining attendance rate of 70%. In addition to the RS training sessions organized by TriHK, RS members are expected to be doing other coached sessions of swim (minimum three sessions per week) and or bike and run during the week, information of which are to be made available to the RS coach.


Leave Application

If RS members cannot attend RS training session due to kinds of reasons, it is a must to apply for the leave by informing Hong Kong Triathlon Association with leave application form and related proof in advance. RS members should inform RS coach about the leave application in advance.  


Race Participation

All RS members are required to attend in all races organized by TriHK except for the races held at Bride’s Pool Road if their cycling skills are not sufficient.


Benchmarking Participation

All RS members are required to compete in Winter Benchmarking organized by TriHK.


Squad Fee

The Squad fee is HKD$400 per month. All RS triathletes have to prepay 3 months of the Squad fees.  Squad fees should be sent to Hong Kong Triathlon Association, either by cheque payable to “Hong Kong Triathlon Association Limited” or transfer directly to TriHK HSBC account at #502-118-375-838 and fax/mail and email the receipt to TriHK Secretariat for confirmation.



Whenever undertaking triathlon-related activities, all athletes are required to behave in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner. Foul language or rude behavior directed at race officials will not be tolerated and will be considered as a failure to comply with these obligations.

Athletes are not allowed to speak with the media regarding triathlon or TriHK without prior consent from the RS coach or TriHK.

Athletes are forbidden from making derogatory remarks regarding TriHK, the Leisure & Cultural Service Department or the Hong Kong Sports Institute in any media, including on-line forums, such as Facebook.


Registration Procedure

All RS members have to be TriHK members. If you are not a member of TriHK, please register through online platform. Please fill in the RS registration form and return together with the Squad fee (3 months) to TriHK office. Cheque should be made payable to “Hong Kong Triathlon Association Limited”.


Resignation Notification

You are required to submit a resignation letter at least 1 month before leaving the squad.  E.g. if you submit the resignation letter on 1 January, the effective date should be on 1 February as Squad fee is on a monthly basis, you are required to pay the January Squad fee HK$400 as well on this basis.



All RS members must comply with the rules and regulations upon. TriHK reserves the right from the athletes against the obligations to the squad invitation and the RS training.


Update on 14 July 2023