2022 Asian Triathlon Championship (Aktau Kazakhstan)


Hong Kong Triathlon Association is pleased to announce our athletes who will be representing Hong Kong, China for the 2022 Asian Triathlon Championship on 17-18 September 2022 in Aktau, Kazakhstan.  The event consists of Individual Olympic Distance and Mixed Team Relay races.

Let’s support the 2022 Asian Triathlon Championship and Hong Kong Triathlete!


Elite Men:
Oscar Coggins, Jason Tai Long Ng Hardcastle
Wong Tsz To, Tsang Cheung Sing Nicholas
Yip Tak Long, Yu Shing Him
Elite Women:
Bailee Brown, Choi Yan Yin, 
Charlotte Hall, Cade Wright, 
Tallulah Wright, Cho Wing To Cheri

Mixed Relay
2 Team I Hong Kong, China

Our triathlete needs to finish the Olympic distance that includes:
 1500m Swimming 
 40km Cycling
 10km Running


Mixed Team Relay races distance includes:
 250m Swimming 
 6.5km Cycling
 1.6km Running


Game times:
Elite Men: 17/9 8:00am Aktau
Elite Women: 17/9 11:00am Aktau
Mixed Relay: 18/9 10:00am Aktau